6 Must-Listen-To Science Fiction Podcasts

science fiction podcast

Listening to a great science fiction podcast is one of the many joys of a long car ride. Frankly, they’re the only thing that keeps me sane when driving long distances. But if you’ve never delved into the world of sci fi podcasts, 2021 is the perfect time to start.

You might be interested in discussion-based podcasts, with author interviews and thoughtful conversations. Or, there are story-based podcasts, with ongoing plots and characters, a serialized drama, if you will.

And if you still haven’t found the perfect indie science fiction podcast for your ears, we got you! Here are 6 of the best science fiction podcasts out there.

  • The Geek’s Guide to The Galaxy
  • We Fix Space Junk
  • Within The Wires
  • The Great Chameleon War
  • Murmurs
  • The Geek State Podcast

The Geek’s Guide to The Galaxy

science fiction podcast

Created by John Joseph Adams and David Barr Kirtley; hosted by Kirtley. The ongoing podcast is discussion-based, and it features interviews and conversations with authors and media people about fantasy and sci-fi in books, movies, comics, and games. It also talks about related subjects such as history, science, and critical thinking.

The podcast has 481 episodes. Each episode has an average length of 1 hour and 50 minutes, and you can listen to it on Youtube or Google Podcasts.

For more information, visit their website geeksguideshow.com.

We Fix Space Junk

sci fi podcast

Created and produced by Battle Bird Productions, the ongoing, story-based podcast, is an award-winning dark sci-fi sitcom, following the space tales of Kilner and Samantha, two repairwomen traveling the galaxy, dodging bullets, meeting new creatures, and carrying out odd jobs on the fringes of the law.

The podcast is hosted by Beth Crane and Rebecca Evans, alongside numerous voice actors such as Vicky Baron and James Carney.

The podcast has a total of 81 episodes. Each episode has an average of 10 minutes and can be listened to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. You can also buy special episodes of the podcast on battlebird.productions.

Within The Wires

science fiction podcast

Created and produced by Night Vale Presents, the Within The Wires podcast is an ongoing, story-based podcast with a dramatic anthology in the style of epistolary fiction.

Each season follows a different type of story, with different narrators and timelines.

The podcast is on its fifth season so far, a 10-episode season following Indra and Nan’s romantic relationship, all episodes in the form of voicemails narrated by Amiera Darwish. Janina Mathewson is the co-creator of the podcast, and the host of the show is Lee LeBreton with voice acting by Julia Morizawa.

The podcast has a total of 40 episodes. Each episode has an average of 16-18 minutes and can be listened to on Spotify, Youtube, Google Podcasts, and Audible. More information on nightvalepresents.com.

The Great Chameleon War

science fiction podcast

Created and produced by Justin Hellstrom, the ongoing, story-based podcast is a rated-m surreal audio drama about altering reptiles, cursed dreamscape explorers, and caustic imagination. They call it the Nesting Zone: a surreal rim of the jungle around Mt. Tahoma, prowled by transdimensional reptiles.

The Amanuensis (Justin Hellstrom) catalogs his expedition up the volcano slope and records stories of explorers caught in the evolving dreamscape. The podcast is currently on its second season, with 05 episodes.

Each episode has an average length of 20-30 minutes and can be listened to on many platforms, such as Youtube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podchaser, Transcripts, Deezer, Audible, and Google Podcasts.

You can also support them on Patreon and buy their merch available on their website thegreatchameleonwar.com.


science fiction podcast

A BBC Sounds original hosted by James Robinson and Ella Watts. The story-based podcast tells ten mind-altering tales from some of the best new drama podcasters.

The podcast has many writers, like Chris Sugden, Eno Mfon, Jesse Schwenk, Janina Mathewson from Within the Wires podcast, and Beth Crane from We Fix Space Junk podcast.

The podcast has ten episodes in total, with the last episode aired on January 16th of 2020. Each episode has an average of 20-30 minutes and can be listened to on Podchaser, Google Podcasts, and BBC Sounds.

For more information, visit bbc.co.uk. Be careful not to confuse it with Loud Murmurs (another podcast)!

The Geek State Podcast

sci fi podcast

Created, produced, and hosted by Chris Luby, the discussion-based, ongoing pop culture podcast discusses the latest news, reviews, and conversations about various topics and genres: Star Wars, Marvel Universe, you name it.

The podcast has a total of 59 episodes. Each episode is an average of 1 hour and is available on various platforms such as Audible, Podchaser, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and even on their PodBean website thegeekstatepodcast.com.

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