Poll: Star Trek Discovery First Season

The first season of new CBS television series Star Trek Discovery just came to a close. And whether you in the camp who dislike CBS restricting access to the show by only making it available to their “All Access” pay viewers, or not, for those who watched it the last closing moments of the first season were seen as a great capper to a season that might have had a rocky start, but is now in ascendance. Without giving away spoilers (some of our readers have not been able to view the episode yet) the ending was also seen as a great nod to Gene Roddenberry’s original creation, building excitement for what is to come for the second season.

Which makes us wonder…. So much of the conversation this season centered around whether the show was Star Trek enough. Well, obviously it is Star Trek by license. What we mean to say is how authentic to the canon and original Roddenberry vision was Discovery‘s portrayal? How successful was it in both standing on its own and staying true to its origins?

Based on the conversation we have read online, the answer varies greatly, and invariably leads to a discussion about all the Star Trek series, and how successful they were at various stages of their original showing. We decided to do a poll to gauge our readers mileage (or should that be warpage?) on the level of impact Discovery had in its first season. We look forward (as Roddenberry literally did) to seeing the results!

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One thought on “Poll: Star Trek Discovery First Season

  1. I have a couple of problems, first with the CBS model, and second with the show. With the CBS model, I am definitely in the ‘not wanting to pay an extra venue’ camp…but I thought I would try them. What really turned me off was that with their basic paid membership, they still show ads (that one can’t forward through), so its not something I am going to be continuing.

    On the show itself, to avoid spoilers, I will just say that I had two major problems. There are certain logical problems with the story-line and also some of the actions of the characters only seem to occur only for the sake of the story (i.e., they don’t make sense other than just to move the story forward in a particular direction).

    btw, in anyone is interested, a really solid SF show by Netflix…Altered Carbon.

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